Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl

Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download

Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl

Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl With a new generation of Xbox consoles having arrived, I wonder if you are worried about the same things I am; namely that there may be a hiatus in the stream of cheap to buy, rubbish looking little independant video games. Well, if you were concerned, luckily Prison Games are here to put your mind at ease with Royal Tower Defense. Costing just a few pounds or dollars, and with the sort of graphics I haven’t seen since the original Lemmings many many moons ago, it appears that our concerns have been misplaced.  First off and in Royal Tower Defence we find ourselves playing as members of the royal family – rulers of a land that is threatened by the expansionist policies of their neighbours, the Orcs. Apparently, they have depleted all the resources in their own kingdom, and now have their sights set on the resources of ours instead. We have sent diplomats to try and talk sense into the Orcs, but they have never returned, and now it appears that there’s only one language these Orcs will understand – the language of war! Well, never let it be said that we are scared of a little fisticuffs, and so the scene is set for a showdown between ourselves and the forces of Orcdom. As you may have gathered from the title of the game, Royal Tower Defense has us laying the smackdown on these Orcs by setting traps and hoping that their blind lust for our natural resources will just keep them coming. UNFITGILR.COM SEXY GAMES

Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl
Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl

And luckily, this is exactly what happens. What this leads to is a series of encounters, with each level viewed from a top-down perspective, amid varying paths for the enemies to take to get to the Tower that we are defending. The title of the game is nothing if not literal. Now, this Tower can take 10 hits before it falls and you fail the level, and so we have to construct defences to make sure that the enemy can’t get near. There are only certain places that defences can be built, so building them near a pinch point, for instance, will do the most good for the least expenditure.As you would expect, the game plays out like every other tower defence game ever made, with a certain amount of gold available to be spent at the start of the level to establish a perimeter. Then extra gold is awarded for each enemy unit successfully stopped, which then allows us to build more defences, kill faster, and so on and so forth. There are four basic types of defence that can be bought. The cheapest is an archer tower, which shoots arrows at enemies in range. Their basic damage is low, but an in-depth stack of these archery towers is very good at whittling down the enemy’s health. The second type is that of a castle, which lets soldiers come out and defend the road. Up to three soldiers can be present at any one time, but these are ineffectual against flying enemies.

Bang for the Buck

They also quickly get outmatched by enemy units as you climb up the levels, and as such are pretty rubbish. The third is a magic tower; one that by default uses ice magic to damage and slow down the enemy units. As such, an ice tower amongst the archery towers will slow the enemies down and keep them in the kill zone longer, so please take that as my pro tip for how to first tackle Royal Tower Defense. The final unit is a kind of mortar; one that does a lot of damage, but appears to fire about once a fortnight, and so is useless when faced with the faster moving enemies. From there, I’m going to share with you a piece of information that the game doesn’t seem to want you to have – as you progress, the units that you place can be upgraded to become more powerful. The Archery towers can be upgraded once, for 200 gold, and again when you reach a certain level for a further 350 gold. Nowhere in the game is this mentioned, and I found it by accident as I was left wondering why the enemies were just waltzing past all my defences completely unscathed. Each unit can be upgraded in this manner, so please bear this in mind.Royal Tower Defense plays out okay from there: building, shooting, destroying. But at no point is this a looker, not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I’m here playing a game that wouldn’t make an Amiga sweat. Hazel Sky Switch NSP

Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl
Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl

You see, without a word of a lie, the Orcs in this game made me do a double take, as I could have sworn they were Lemmings, the towers are dull-looking, the landscape is uninspired and the design of the enemies is laughable. Orcs turn up plain, with shields or riding what looks like a car on legs, and there are, strangely, flying fish for some unknown reason. Generally the overall look is pretty laughable. The music is pretty nice, however, and while the game sound effects are as limp as the graphics, it just about hangs together. You’d therefore think that a game such as Royal Tower Defense, a game that looks poor, sounds just about okay, has the worst tutorial system ever and is generally uninspiring in terms of the presentation, must be a bad game, right? Well, not so fast. At risk of sounding like Simon Cowell, there is a dose of the X Factor included – that mysterious, nebulous something that keeps you wanting to play. Losing a level, my usual reaction has been to start again, straight away, and try and do better. With each level being scored out of three stars, the challenge is a steep one; three stars are only awarded for a perfect run, as if even one Orc makes it to the Tower, the best you can hope for is two stars. It is this hook which makes you keep coming back. Unfortunately, another annoyance is the seeming ability the enemy units have to fuse together

Frustrating Invisibility

And for you to think that you’ve defeated a single unit, for another to suddenly appear, unscathed and next to the Tower from the ashes of the defeated unit. It’s nigh impossible to tell when this happens as well, so only simply overwhelming firepower will save the day. But it’s that balancing act between trying to get money to upgrade, and having to construct new defences to bolster the existing ones, that make this game somewhat appealing. You’re only ever one mistake away from failure, and learning what defences to place where is a great incentive to try and do better. In all, Royal Tower Defence on Xbox is a game that is greater than the sum of its parts, but if you are looking for a proper challenge, you could do a lot worse. It’s not a looker, but the gameplay shines through and the hook it delivers is certainly real. For the low asking price, it’s worth giving it a try.A couple weeks ago I looked at the tower defense game, Fort Defense. Fort Defense just so happens to be the sequel to the game I am looking at today, Royal Defense. For those of you not familiar with the tower defense genre, here is a quick overview. In tower defense games the object is to stop waves of enemies from reaching your castle, fort, stronghold, etc. In order to stop these enemies you need to build towers to attack them. Players need to strategically place different types of towers in order to try and stop all or most of the enemies. Hearts of Iron IV

Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl
Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl

Royal Defense has four basic types of towers with upgraded towers for each type. The game includes the typical arrow, cannon, mortar/splash, and the money tower. If you read my review of Fort Defense this will sound very familiar since it is exactly the same in Fort Defense. The majority of the towers that you are going to build are going to be arrow and/or cannon towers. Just like Fort Defense you kind of need to decide whether you are going to focus on arrow or cannon towers. You should focus on one or the other so you are able to focus your upgrades on that type of tower. In Fort Defense I went mostly with cannon towers since they have a longer range and do more damage. In Royal Defense I decided to switch things up and focus on arrow towers. This was due to the frustration in Fort Defense where you couldn’t kill air units in early waves if you focused on cannon towers. I would say that the arrow towers are the right choice in Royal Defense since they do well against the air and ground units. I didn’t have much use for the other two types of towers. I actually don’t think I built any mortar/splash towers outside the tutorial levels that explained them. I didn’t get much use out of them since most levels don’t have large groupings of enemies and for the few that do I didn’t feel like wasting upgrade gems to upgrade the mortar towers when I rarely used them.

A Balancing Problem

I was actually surprised how little I used the money towers. In Fort Defense I used quite a few money towers since they were quite helpful. The money towers would be helpful in Royal Defense as well except that there is a lack of open spaces to build towers in Royal Defense. Since there are so few spaces, those spaces need to be filled with towers that actually do damage. Before world three I don’t think I built a single money tower. Royal Defense is a pretty typical tower defense game. It pretty much has what you would expect. The game plays perfectly fine and the artwork is pretty nice. I had fun playing the game. Unfortunately Royal Defense is far from an original game. I honestly can’t point to one thing in the game that is particularly new or original. If you have played a tower defense game before you have pretty much already played Royal Defense. One of the biggest problems I had with Fort Defense was the unbalanced feel to the levels. Unfortunately that problem is even worse in Royal Defense. What do I mean by unbalanced levels? Let me take you through a level of Royal Defense to explain. To begin each level you don’t start with a lot of money. This means that in most levels you start with just enough money to build enough towers to kill all of the enemies in the first wave. This is pretty fair since the game wouldn’t be very challenging if you could build enough towers right away to easily kill all of the enemies. Hellsplit: Arena 

Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl
Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl

The balance issues usually come around the third or fourth wave of each level. At this point in the level you have acquired quite a bit of money. Since each level only has a few places to build a tower, you will quickly run out of areas where you can actually spend all of your money. You will use the money to fill in all of the empty spaces with towers and you will also upgrade each tower to its’ highest level. Around the third or fourth wave, the areas where you could use your money run out and you are left sitting there with a bunch of money and having nothing to use the money on. This situation makes about half of each level pretty boring. Once you have built all of the possible towers, you pretty much have to just sit around waiting for your towers to kill the rest of the enemies. Not surprisingly this is not that fun. Like its’ sequel Royal Defense relies pretty heavily on its’ special currency, gems. The idea behind the gems is a solid game mechanic that has been used by other tower defense games. I think it is a good idea rewarding players with the ability to purchase more upgrades based on how well they do in levels. Royal Defense is a little stingy with the gems though in my opinion. The problem with the gems comes from the tower locations in every level that are locked unless you use some of your gems to unlock them.

If there was one or maybe two locations per level that required using gems to unlock I wouldn’t have had a huge issue with it. In Royal Defense some levels have three or four locations that are locked. On top of it the locations that are locked are usually some of the most critical positions in the entire map. With this reliance on locked positions, the game presents you with two options. Either avoid using the key positions on the map or waste your precious gems to unlock a location that will only help you in one level. Since I wasn’t going to waste gems on unlocking locations, I had to play the game missing many important tower locations. These locked positions just feel so pointless like they were added as an excuse for some micro-transanctions for the mobile versions of the game. I just don’t know why the game felt the need to lock them. If the game wanted to be more difficult it should have just eliminated these positions from the map entirely. Otherwise the game could have just kept all of the positions unlocked and given the player less gems in order to increase the difficulty. Starting in world three the game starts introducing invisible enemies. These enemies can only be attacked by your towers if they are seen by one of your radar towers or if they have been recently damaged. I like the idea of invisible enemies since it makes you vary your tower strategy instead of just loading up the map with the same tower type.

Add-ons (DLC):Royal Tower Defense Switch NSP

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: 64-bit Windows 10 or MacOS 10.15: Catalina (Jazz)
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 3 3600
Memory: 12 GB
Graphics Card: RTX 2080S/RTX 3070 or AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
Storage: SDD (188 MB)
INPUT: Nintendo Switch Joy con, Keyboard and Mouse, Xbox or PlayStation controllers
ONLINE REQUIREMENTS: Internet connection required for updates or multiplayer mode.

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system


  1. Open the Start menu (Windows ‘flag’ button) in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. At the bottom of the Start menu, type Folder Options into the Search box, then press the Enter key.
  3. Click on the View tab at the top of the Folder Options window and check the option to Show hidden files and folders (in Windows 11, this option is called Show hidden files, folders, and drives).
  4. Click Apply then OK.
  5. Return to the Start menu and select Computer, then double click Local Disk (C:), and then open the Program Files folder. On some systems, this folder is called ‘Program Files(x86)’.
  6. In the Program Files folder, find and open the folder for your game.
  7. In the game’s folder, locate the executable (.exe) file for the game–this is a faded icon with the game’s title.
  8. Right-click on this file, select Properties, and then click the Compatibility tab at the top of the Properties window.
  9. Check the Run this program as an administrator box in the Privilege Level section. Click Apply then OK.
  10. Once complete, try opening the game again


  1. First you will need YUZU Emulator. Download it from either UNFITGIRL, ROMSLAB or REPACKLAB. Open it in WinRar, 7ZIP idk and then move the contents in a folder and open the yuzu.exe.
  2. There click Emulation -> Configure -> System -> Profile Then press on Add and make a new profile, then close yuzu
    Inside of yuzu click File -> Open yuzu folder. This will open the yuzu configuration folder inside of explorer.
  3. Create a folder called “keys” and copy the key you got from here and paste it in the folder.
  4. For settings open yuzu up Emulation -> Configure -> Graphics, Select OpenGL and set it to Vulkan or OpenGL. (Vulkan seems to be a bit bad atm) Then go to Controls and press Single Player and set it to custom
  5. Then Press Configure and set Player 1 to Pro Controller if you have a controller/keyboard and to Joycons if Joycons. Press Configure and press the exact buttons on your controller After you’re done press Okay and continue to the next step.
  6. Download any ROM you want from UNFITGIRL, ROMSLAB or REPACKLAB. After you got your File (can be .xci or .nsp) create a folder somewhere on your PC and in that folder create another folder for your game.
  7. After that double-click into yuzu and select the folder you put your game folder in.
  8. Lastly double click on the game and enjoy it.

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