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SCP: 5K Free Download

SCP: 5K Free Download Unfitgirl SCP: 5K Free Download Unfitgirl Things have and will continue to take some time, but we are dedicated to this project and want to make this the best it can be. We’ve been doing this for a few years now, and we are happy to continue through many more to carry […]

Gears 5 Free Download

Gears 5 Free Download Unfitgirl Gears 5 Free Download Unfitgirl Gears 5 has been optimized to take advantage of the next-gen hardware. Below are our impressions of how the game runs on Series X, written by Eddie Makuch. You can also read our full Xbox Series X review for an in-depth breakdown of the console. Continue […]

Dead Space Remake UNLOCKED Free Download

Dead Space Remake UNLOCKED Free Download Unfitgirl Dead Space Remake UNLOCKED Free Download Unfitgirl “Dead Space Remake” is a thrilling survival-horror game that successfully captures the essence of the original while updating it with modern graphics and gameplay mechanics. The game’s intense atmosphere, well-designed levels, and satisfying combat system make for a truly immersive experience. The […]

Seed of the Dead Sweet Home Free Download

Seed of the Dead Sweet Home Free Download Unfitgirl Seed of the Dead Sweet Home Free Download Unfitgirl Seed of the Dead was previously called “Rape of the Dead”. That should tell you all you need to know about the class of this game. Or, more specifically, its complete lack of class. It’s a game about […]

Osiris New Dawn Free Download

Osiris New Dawn Free Download Unfitgirl Osiris New Dawn Free Download Unfitgirl Every Monday we send Brendan to the far-flung reaches of the early access galaxy. And sometimes we even receive a report back. This week he finds himself stranded on a stormy, alien-infested planet in Osiris: New Dawn [official site]. I have survived many things […]

Blair Witch Free Download

Blair Witch Free Download Unfitgirl Blair Witch Free Download Unfitgirl Every once in a while, one of those horror games comes along that gets mythologized as a harrowing experience best left alone by anyone without a taste for relentless, oppressive fear. Blair Witch definitely deserves a spot in that pantheon alongside Amnesia, Silent Hill, and their […]

Amnesia Rebirth Free Download

Amnesia Rebirth Free Download Unfitgirl Amnesia Rebirth Free Download Unfitgirl Few fears grip human consciousness with tenacity like uncertainty does, where self-assuring deep breaths are all that stand between you and a downward spiral. Amnesia: Rebirth instilled similar anxieties in me – either through unceremoniously ripping away light sources that keep its oppressive darkness at […]

Thymesia Free Download

Thymesia Free Download Unfitgirl Thymesia Free Download Unfitgirl It’s always a shame when a game manages to get some things so right but others so wrong. OverBorder Studios’ third-person fantasy RPG Thymesia is a prime example of this, with satisfying, high-energy combat that rewards patience and a familiarity with its admittedly narrow progression systems immediately standing […]

Windbound Free Download

Windbound Free Download Unfitgirl Windbound Free Download Unfitgirl Windbound isn’t the sailing-focused spin on Zelda: Breath of the Wild that some trailers suggested, but it’s not entirely removed from those comparisons, either. Its best asset is its sense of adventure. As Kara, a shipwrecked warrior, you’ll hunt for resources, craft tools like a bow and a […]

Insurmountable Free Download

Insurmountable Free Download Unfitgirl Insurmountable Free Download Unfitgirl Mountain climbing is truly a risky hobby. It takes a great deal of skill, plus requires an exorbitant amount of care. After all, human beings are fragile creatures, and the slightest mistake can be the end of us. Insurmountable tasks you with climbing seemingly impossible peaks, all within […]

Stationeers Free Download

Stationeers Free Download Unfitgirl Stationeers Free Download Unfitgirl I don’t think I ever enjoyed a game more than the first ~50 hours of Stationeers. I have some problems with the gameplay loop after the player learns most of the things however.For a few hours this game is a blast, whatever the player plans to do […]

Patron Free Download

Patron Free Download Unfitgirl Patron Free Download Unfitgirl City builders have been a staple of the game industry ever since SimCity established itself over 30 years ago. Then, from the traditional tycoon design, emerged a different interpretation of the city builder. These newer games focused more on survival and early civilization as opposed to modern cityscapes. […]

Half Life 2 Free Download

Half Life 2 Free Download Unfitgirl Half Life 2 Free Download Unfitgirl I wanted to make this review short and sweet, but it’s hard to stop writing, even when excluding facts that could potentially contaminate an exceptionally well thought-out gaming experience. There’s just so much to say. Half-Life 2 is, simply put, the best single-player shooter […]

The Escapists: The Walking Dead Free Download

The Escapists: The Walking Dead Free Download Unfitgirl The Escapists The Walking Dead Free Download Unfitgirl The Escapists: The Walking Dead is an aptly named amalgamation of the prison break indie game, The Escapists, coupled with the smash hit comic book and TV series, The Walking Dead. It takes all of the original game’s mechanics and […]

DEAD MATTER Free Download

DEAD MATTER Free Download Unfitgirl DEAD MATTER Free Download Unfitgirl Supporters of Dead Matter have in some cases been waiting a long time for the almost impossibly ambitious multiplayer zombie survival game to come out – it’s been more than three years since the project was first announced on Kickstarter, and since then, Canadian developer QI […]

Quake Free Download

Quake Free Download Unfitgirl Quake Free Download Unfitgirl Seriously. He’s a menace. Inexcusable as a human being. I was only eight, for goodness’ sake. Eight. Young and impressionable, eager to get a first taste of the forbidden world of adulthood. He took advantage. I’m happy to talk about this now. He took advantage across several […]

Thief: Deadly Shadows Free Download

Thief: Deadly Shadows Free Download Unfitgirl Thief Deadly Shadows Free Download Unfitgirl One of the many reasons why 1998 was such a groundbreaking year for gaming is Thief: The Dark Project, a game that helped invent what’s now commonly referred to as the stealth action genre. Though two other noteworthy stealth action games were released that […]

Survive The Nights Free Download

Survive The Nights Free Download Unfitgirl Survive The Nights Free Download Unfitgirl Survive the Nights has been in development for several years now. It’s a zombie-pocalypse style game in a similar vein to 7 Days to Die, where the undead are more docile during the daytime hours and deadlier at night. My first game involved choosing […]

OMORI Free Download

OMORI Free Download Unfitgirl OMORI Free Download Unfitgirl There’s a weird reputation surrounding games made in RPG maker. The game engine is known for spawning a mix of your basic clunky demakes of classic RPGs and cult horror hits like Yume Nikki, Lisa: The Painful, Mad Father, and The Witch’s House—games that surfaced on the fringes […]

Arkham Horror Mothers Embrace Free Download

Arkham Horror Mothers Embrace Free Download Unfitgirl Arkham Horror Mothers Embrace Free Download Unfitgirl Considering how popular the Cthulhu mythos has been in recent years, it’s a cosmic mystery why it took so long for the venerable Arkham Horror board game series to get its first video game adaption. That makes it even more of […]

Dead Space 2 Free Download

Dead Space 2 Free Download Unfitgirl Dead Space 2 Free Download Unfitgirl Dead Space 2 is an amazing game. I’m going to write about its scary moments, cool kills, and how much I dig the main character’s internal struggle, but Dead Space 2 is about more than this. When I beat it for the first time, […]

The Wild Eight Free Download

The Wild Eight Free Download Unfitgirl The Wild Eight Free Download Unfitgirl Did you ever find yourself screaming at the TV during a particularly tense/confusing/baffling episode of the hit series Lost? Would you often shout at Jack, Sayid or Kate, “No you absolute numpties! Don’t do that, you’ll be sure to die!”? Deep down, do you […]

Ebola 2 Free Download

Ebola 2 Free Download Unfitgirl Ebola 2 Free Download Unfitgirl Indie Games Studio (actual name) recently launched in Early Access Ebola 2 on Steam. Ebola 2 is a first-person survival horror game currently priced at just $12.99, with a planned Early Access phase to last only one or two months, after which time the price […]


RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE Free Download Unfitgirl RESIDENT EVIL RESISTANCE Free Download Unfitgirl In the absence of a Resident Evil 3 New Game Plus, Capcom has instead bundled in a 4vs1 multiplayer mode called Resident Evil Resistance to bulk up the package. However, unlike the meaty, visually stunning single-player campaign that had me eager to return for […]

Hello Neighbor Free Download

Hello Neighbor Free Download Unfitgirl When I was a kid, I had a pair of creepy, reclusive neighbors who lived next door and greeted everyone with a sneer. My imagination spent a lot of time constructing what kind of weird stuff might actually be going on in their shuttered, suburban home – so the premise of […]

Guilty Gear Strive Free Download

Guilty Gear Strive Free Download Unfitgirl Guilty Gear Strive Free Download Unfitgirl Guilty Gear is arguably one of the most underappreciated fighting game series out there. I know this because I’ve been guilty of underappreciating it myself. For one reason or another – maybe I just didn’t think I was skilled enough to get good at […]

Wartales Free Download

Wartales Free Download Unfitgirl Wartales  Free Download Unfitgirl From the developers of Northgard, Wartales is a game released by Shiro Games and it’s a turn-based RPG with a mix of RTS exploration. Play as a group of mercenaries exploring the vast Celtic and Roman-inspired universe. Head on to town, influence other mercenaries to join your […]

Starsand Free Download

Starsand Free Download Unfitgirl Starsand Free Download Unfitgirl They knew as you embark on your journey into the vast desert expanse you quickly realized that survival won’t come by accident and even the elements alone pose great dangers to your well-being star sands tutorial will guide you from the house to your first humble yet precious […]

Stranded Deep Free Download

Stranded Deep Free Download Unfitgirl Stranded Deep Free Download Unfitgirl Stranded Deep begins in a fashion that is hardly unlike other sandbox survival sim in so far as you find yourself on a commercial plane before said plane takes a nose dive into the drink and you must escape, securing a life raft in a bid […]

Evil Dead The Game Free Download

Evil Dead The Game Free Download Unfitgirl Evil Dead The Game Free Download Unfitgirl The idea of an “Evil Dead videogame” has a distinctly mid-2000s tang. B-movie franchises have traditionally been fresh meat for enterprising publishers and developers looking to turn a quick buck, which is to say that I did not shamble towards Ash’s latest […]

The Origin Blind Maid Free Download

The Origin Blind Maid Free Download Unfitgirl The Origin Blind Maid Free Download Unfitgirl When you’re an indie developer, there’s a fine line you need to walk on regarding trying to achieve an ambitious vision. You want to deliver something new, something that takes elements from your sources of inspiration to make a completely unique title, […]

Digimon Survive Free Download

Digimon Survive Free Download Unfitgirl Digimon Survive Free Download Unfitgirl You ever see someone with massive, toned arms but embarrassingly scrawny legs? Digimon Survive is a little bit like that person: it overwhelmingly succeeds at being an entertaining visual novel, but completely skips leg day when it comes to its tedious tactics combat. Apart from some […]

Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Free Download

Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Free Download Unfitgirl Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood Free Download Unfitgirl After decades of vampires hogging all the spotlight in the World of Darkness, I’ve been drooling over the prospect of a good Werewolf: The Apocalypse game to showcase my favorite side of that fantastic universe… but it might be a couple decades […]

Salt and Sanctuary Free Download

Salt and Sanctuary Free Download Unfitgirl Salt and Sanctuary Free Download Unfitgirl Forget about mages and warriors—in an RPG with a name like Salt and Sanctuary, I figured it was only appropriate to save the world as a chef. It’s one of the eight starting classes, after all, and thus, clad in apron and armed with […]

SIFU Free Download

SIFU Free Download Unfitgirl SIFU Free Download Unfitgirl Sifu pulls no punches with its refreshing take on the roguelike genre. With tight combat and inventive level design, Sifu boasts one of the best martial arts experiences available from a video game in years – even with its punishing difficulty. Hitting familiar beats to, well, every martial […]

Remnants Free Download

Remnants Free Download Unfitgirl Remnants Free Download Unfitgirl Remnant: From The Ashes demands a lot from you while offering very little in return. Its excellent combat and high-stakes, randomized progression system gives it moments of pure blissful excitement, especially in co-op. But its frequent difficulty spikes and underwhelming gear system rob it of the consistently “tough […]