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Tropico 6 Free Download

Tropico 6 Free Download Unfitgirl Tropico 6 Free Download Unfitgirl There aren’t a lot of city builders that let you roleplay a specific type of leader, so I immediately took a liking to the freedom Tropico 6 gives you to do just that. There’s nothing stopping you from trying to build a communist paradise where everyone […]

Tropico 5 Free Download

Tropico 5 Free Download Unfitgirl Tropico 5 Free Download Unfitgirl At first glance, Tropico 5 seems dangerously similar to its still-recent predecessor, Tropico 4, and you can be forgiven for wondering whether developer Haemimont games didn’t just tweak the graphics and slap it in a box. The music, the characters, most of the gags, and the […]

Prison Tycoon Under New Management Free Download

Prison Tycoon Under New Management Free Download Unfitgirl Prison Tycoon Under New Management Free Download Unfitgirl Quick, name three things you associate with prisons. If you thought “colorful,” “light-hearted” and “whacky” then I have a game for you called Prison Tycoon: Under New Management. When you come down from whatever trip you’re on that makes you […]

Osiris New Dawn Free Download

Osiris New Dawn Free Download Unfitgirl Osiris New Dawn Free Download Unfitgirl Every Monday we send Brendan to the far-flung reaches of the early access galaxy. And sometimes we even receive a report back. This week he finds himself stranded on a stormy, alien-infested planet in Osiris: New Dawn [official site]. I have survived many things […]

Automation Empire Free Download

Automation Empire Free Download Unfitgirl Automation Empire Free Download Unfitgirl Automation Empire is a simulation / management game all about efficiency and expansion. Start with nothing, and build up a massive interconnected industrial network of factories and machines. Economical transportation of resources will be essential to your success as an automation-engineer. Utilize every tool you have […]

Townscaper Free Download

Townscaper Free Download Unfitgirl Townscaper Free Download Unfitgirl Of all the places I lived growing up, I’ve a particular fondness for the seaside town of North Berwick, waking up a stone’s throw from the rolling waves and screaming gulls, salty air wafting through winding streets. Going back these days breaks the illusion a little, mind—the town’s […]

Patron Free Download

Patron Free Download Unfitgirl Patron Free Download Unfitgirl City builders have been a staple of the game industry ever since SimCity established itself over 30 years ago. Then, from the traditional tycoon design, emerged a different interpretation of the city builder. These newer games focused more on survival and early civilization as opposed to modern cityscapes. […]

SuchArt Genius Artist Simulator Free Download

SuchArt Genius Artist Simulator Free Download Unfitgirl SuchArt Genius Artist Simulator Free Download Unfitgirl Picture this – The year is 2130, you have been deemed to have the genius artist gene and are therefore enrolled on a futuristic artist project. Welcome to SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator. You start out with a modest set of tools […]

Survive The Nights Free Download

Survive The Nights Free Download Unfitgirl Survive The Nights Free Download Unfitgirl Survive the Nights has been in development for several years now. It’s a zombie-pocalypse style game in a similar vein to 7 Days to Die, where the undead are more docile during the daytime hours and deadlier at night. My first game involved choosing […]

Hurtworld Free Download

Hurtworld Free Download Unfitgirl Hurtworld Free Download Unfitgirl Booting up Early Access survival sim Hurtworld for the first time, I thought I had a pretty good idea what awaited me. Set in an arid open world, the environment recalls the Australian outback as much as it does New Mexico, strewn with a bunch of sticks, stones […]

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Free Download

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Free Download Unfitgirl Ultimate Fishing Simulator Free Download Unfitgirl I recently decided that if I am ever narcissistic enough to write an autobiography, the title of the book (soon to be a major motion picture) will be “It Sucked to be Me!” Sure, that sounds pretty awful, almost as if I led a […]

Cardlife Creative Survival Free Download

Cardlife Creative Survival Free Download Unfitgirl Cardlife Creative Survival Free Download Unfitgirl CardLife is an open world crafting game that, like many examples of the genre, has a hunger mechanic. That means your little cardboard avatar is cursed with the need to eat to survive, or suffer the relatively minor indignity of respawning nearby with none […]

Steel Division 2 Free Download

Steel Division 2 Free Download Unfitgirl Steel Division 2 Free Download Unfitgirl One of my only disappointments with Eugen’s Steel Division: Normandy 44 was the lack of any love for my beloved Eastern Front of World War II. Steel Division 2 corrects this, adding tons of new, historically-grounded units and divisions from the iconic T-34 tank […]

BONEWORKS Free Download

BONEWORKS Free Download Unfitgirl BONEWORKS Free Download Unfitgirl What happens when you throw headcrabs, crowbars, and advanced physics puzzles into a dystopian cityscape? If the first thing that comes to mind is Half-Life 2, you’re only half right. Boneworks, by developer Stress Level Zero, is a clear homage to that and several other Valve classics. And […]

Dead Rising 2 Free Download

Dead Rising 2 Free Download Unfitgirl Dead Rising 2 Free Download Unfitgirl Dead Rising 2 is good. Very good, in fact. I felt like I needed to get that out right away. See, a few weeks ago I previewed the first two days of the game, and I found a title that was chugging in spots, […]

Hard Bullet Free Download

Hard Bullet Free Download Unfitgirl Hard Bullet Free Download Unfitgirl Let’s start off with a look under the hood, there are really only a couple settings you can adjust to tailor the game to your liking. Some of the main ones include, dominant hand, graphics quality, and a vignette to help with motion sickness. Even the […]

Blood Trail Free Download

Blood Trail Free Download Unfitgirl Blood Trail Free Download Unfitgirl Blood Trail is an indie horror game where your friend and dog go missing in a blizzard during the night. You walk out to find his tent destroyed and a trail of blood leading out into the vast snowy landscape. All you have is your flare […]

Cooking Simulator VR Free Download

Cooking Simulator VR Free Download Unfitgirl Cooking Simulator VR Free Download Unfitgirl When I was a kid, I was determined to become a chef. I grew up in kitchens learning to cook and bake. Some of my earliest memories are of kneading dough for my grandmother and helping my grandfather batter chicken. The Food Network played […]

Job Simulator Free Download

Job Simulator Free Download Unfitgirl Job Simulator Free Download Unfitgirl Automation is becoming an increasingly important societal issue around the world, increasing the efficiency and decreasing costs of production of goods, while also having the consequence displacing the workers that had once produced those goods. Job Simulator takes place in a future where all work has […]

Just Die Already Free Download

Just Die Already Free Download Unfitgirl Just Die Already Free Download Unfitgirl If there’s anything more concerning than where we go when we die, it’s thinking about how we should live right up to that fateful moment. Going out in a blaze of glory does hold a certain appeal, and as a collection of the […]

Invasion Machine Free Download

Invasion Machine Free Download Unfitgirl Invasion Machine Free Download Unfitgirl Invasion Machine is a simulation game where you fight the post-war against insurgents in a recently occupated foreign country: following your invasion, you were not able to establish a new local government and left a power vacuum in the country, which led to riots and the […]

Space Haven Free Download

Space Haven Free Download Unfitgirl Space Haven Free Download Unfitgirl The colony simulation genre is known for being pretty slow, often lacking the action-packed pacing common in other kinds of video games. Space Haven, which was released into Steam Early Access in late May, uses the same sort of complex, layered systems that make games like […]

Hello Neighbor 2 Switch NSP Free Download

Hello Neighbor 2 Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl Hello Neighbor 2 Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl There are some neighborhoods you can’t wait to spend your weekend in, some that come with their own undesirables, and others still that feel like something of a fixer-upper. Hello Neighbour 2 is a little of all these. The follow […]

Supraland Free Download

Supraland Free Download Unfitgirl Supraland Free Download Unfitgirl Supraland plops players into a small world that’s much larger than it seems. Controlled by kids playing in their backyard, your character is tiny, making the world around them massive by comparison. Supraland goes light on story, giving you some minimal setup, as well as an ultimate goal. […]

Banished Free Download

Banished Free Download Unfitgirl Banished Free Download Unfitgirl There’s a special feeling that occurs when a game indicates that it knows what its players are going to want to do, and seems to gently guide you to play it just right. In the city-builder Banished, that moment occurred for me almost as soon as I loaded […]

Cities Skylines Free Download

Cities Skylines Free Download Unfitgirl Cities Skylines Free Download Unfitgirl Much as I prefer to let each game stand on its own, certain games demand comparisons. In the case of Cities: Skylines, developer Colossal Order has overtly modeled its game after SimCity – not just the fundamental concept and methods of building and maintaining a simulated […]

Don’t Starve Free Download

Don’t Starve Free Download Unfitgirl Don’t Starve Free Download Unfitgirl Don’t Starve drives me mad like few games ever do. It provided me with dozens of exhilarating brushes with death, but padded those unforgettable moments with long stretches of tedious busy work. It’s the type of game where you can spend hours mining the environment, […]

Saints Row IV Re-Elected Free Download

Saints Row IV Re-Elected Free Download Unfitgirl Saints Row IV Re-Elected Free Download Unfitgirl Few games do ‘fun’ with as much enthusiasm and self-awareness as Saints Row. While GTA tempers its acerbic tone and pop culture devotion with a firm set of in-game rules, Volition’s open-world series has always aired towards the silly and the slapstick. […]


NEBUCHADNEZZAR Free Download Unfitgirl NEBUCHADNEZZAR Free Download Unfitgirl A city-building throwback that throws players all the way back to the cradle of civilisation, Nebuchadnezzar arouses fond memories of games like Caesar III and, to a lesser extent, Age of Empires. Its classical style both looks and sounds great, while its systems delve considerably deeper than […]

Dwarf Fortress Free Download

Dwarf Fortress Free Download Unfitgirl Dwarf Fortress Free Download Unfitgirl Seven dwarves set out from the Mountainhomes to establish a new colony in world rife with gods, monsters, and ancient legends. Though small, these dwarves are the heroes of our tale: Short, sturdy creatures fond of drink and industry. In their ingenuity they will craft incredible […]

Frozen Flame Free Download

Frozen Flame Free Download Unfitgirl Frozen Flame Free Download Unfitgirl Frozen Flame, the crowdfunded MMO from Dreamside Interactive, has officially released in early access and can be picked up on Steam for $25.49 (on sale) today. The survival MMO tasks up to 4 co-op players with banding together and surviving a land filled with perils […]

Crysis 2 Remastered Free Download

Crysis 2 Remastered Free Download Unfitgirl Crysis 2 Remastered Free Download Unfitgirl After surprising us in the best possible way with a thoroughly impressive Switch port of 2007’s original Crysis, Saber Interactive return with this remastered version of Crytek’s second Nano-suited super soldier adventure. But can the Switch handle the stress of this big budget […]

Crysis 3 Remastered Free Download

Crysis 3 Remastered Free Download Unfitgirl Crysis 3 Remastered Free Download Unfitgirl The final instalment in Crytek’s Crysis franchise is the best-looking of the bunch by quite some distance, a big budget action extravaganza that looks and sounds incredible as you blaze through its five hour long campaign. But can the Switch handle it? Well, […]

Goat Simulator 3 Free Download

Goat Simulator 3 Free Download Unfitgirl Goat Simulator 3 Free Download Unfitgirl The original Goat Simulator released back in 2014, and while it’s offered me plenty of laughs in the eight years since, sessions of play have continued to get shorter and shorter until the silly goat game faded fully into obscurity. That said, Goat Simulator […]

Aquarist Switch NSP Free Download

Aquarist Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl Aquarist Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl Aquarist is an aquarium-building sim which was released on the 10th of October, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch. It was developed by FreeMind Games and published by PlayWay, while Ultimate Games handled the publishing for the game’s PC release, where it was released […]

Savage Lands Free Download

Savage Lands Free Download Unfitgirl Savage Lands Free Download Unfitgirl Savage Lands is a sandbox survival game set in a fantasy universe. Explore an island pummeled by blizzards and inhabited by mythical creatures, while monitoring your vitals to survive through the night. Scavenge for resources—chopping down trees and picking away at stones to reap wood […]

Pokemon Violet Switch XCI Free Download

Pokemon Violet Switch XCI Free Download Unfitgirl Pokemon Violet Switch XCI Free Download Unfitgirl A new Pokemon generation is coming, and it’s a big change from the standard formula. Nintendo calls Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet ($59.99 each) the first open-world Pokemon games (realistically it’s just one game, as all Pokemon generations have variant versions with […]

Pokémon Scarlet Switch NSP Free Download

Pokémon Scarlet Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl With the release of Pokémon Scarlet Switch NSP Free Download Unfitgirl and Violet later this month, we now have a nice new overview trailer for the game. Albeit a trailer in Japanese. Showing off the new Paldea region, the trailer (shown below) also covers the two new Legendary […]

Paper Beast Free Download

Paper Beast Free Download Unfitgirl Paper Beast Free Download Unfitgirl Part puzzle game, part god game, all extremely weird, Paper Beast is unlike anything I’ve played before. A dedicated VR experience, it puts you at the centre of a unique wildlife simulation where the animals are not flesh and fur, but origami creatures roaming a […]